This all started in 2017 with a sketch on a page: the first draft of Valandria. Since then, the world has grown in size, encompassing new short stories and novels across the fantasy realm.


Valandria Publications deals with all work involving the Valandria brand. Whether story or artwork, the goal is to get the work out for wide audiences to enjoy as the lore of the new world expands. The company is committed to promoting artist work and writing: submissions from partners and fans are welcomed for display as we create the next great multiverse! 


Daniel Madden 

(Founder, Author)

ME 2017.jpg

Daniel is the founder of Valandria Publications and the fantasy realm it entails. This world has expanded into a series of short stories, as well as the first full-length novel: The Demon of Winhelm. 

Born in Massachusetts, he completed his undergraduate studies at UMass Amherst in Economics and Political Science. However, he knew he wanted to be more creative and promptly went on to complete a Master's in Game Science and Design. During this time, he embraced his ever-long love of fantasy, writing his first book while developing research to better understand the gaming industry. 

Currently, he continues to write novels and grow the Valandria brand, while offering his services for freelance projects in writing or art. If you have questions on the world, projects, or would like to request Daniel's services, use the contract form below! 

Are you an author with a new story idea? An artist with fantasy talent to share? A fan with work to submit? Contact to submit your ideas and showcase your talent!