Gods of Valandria

Gods Above

The "Gods Above" refer to those who created the original races and life within the world of Valandria. They consist of eight gods/goddesses representing a variety of ideals within the realm of order and justice. They are led by the queen of the gods, Aelandria.


  • Aelandria: Aelandria is the goddess of magic, giver of life, queen of the gods, and creator of Valandria. She created the elves, now the oldest race in the world. 

  • Syldarian: Syldarian is the god of justice and order, and is Aelandria's brother, the youngest of the gods. He created the first of the dragons, a creation faded to mere stories and legends. 

  • Neymaria: Neymaria is the goddess of nature, often referred to as 'Mother Nature.' She created the magical forest along the west coast, where she created Wispians to act as her caretakers.

  • Syllia: Syllia is known far and wide as the goddess of love and virtue. 

  • Vorrian: Vorrian is the god of strength and unity. He created humans with strength and loyalty in their hearts, though many have strayed from this path since the gods' departure. 

  • Valdria: Valdria is the goddess of wisdom and war, and the twin of Varros. She created the God Born to protect over the Free Cities during the gods' departure. 

  • Mordian: Mordian is the god of earth, as well as the patron of all craftsmen. He boasts the creation of dwarves: a stout race meant to demonstrate his own resolve among the people of Valandria. 

Gods Below

The "Gods Below" refer to the gods trapped in eternal conflict with the Gods Above. They believe in freedom and strength as the ultimate goals, the only tools required to build up society. They are led by the God-King, Darthos. 

  • Darthos: Darthos is Aleandria's opposite as the god of Chaos and Magic of his own. Once a love of Aelandria's their love turned to conflict that has driven the gods into eternal war. He created the Dark Elves in what he believed to be superior to Aelandria's own elves. 

  • Reyalla: Reyalla is the goddess of storms and carer of the elements. She created the trolls of the mountains. 

  • Bromthos: Bromthos is the god of war and ferocity. He created the orcs to survive the greatest perils the mortal world could hold. 

  • Veilalla: While Veilalla is the goddess of the night, she also oversees the passing of all dead souls. As an ally to Darthos, she grants few wondering souls a chance at vengeance, returning to the world as the Revenant. She also created the Feyldra to oversee the Resolute, though their purpose was corrupted by Seyalla shortly after their creation. 

  • Tharos: Tharos is the god of passion, which in turn includes lust and revenge. Passion is what led the Nightwalkers to claim him as their patron god. 

  • Varros: Twin to Valdria, Varros is the god of honor. He believes in the use of strength to defend such honor, an ideal at the center of the society of his creation, the Dragonians. 

  • Seyalla: Seyalla is the goddess of luck and mischief. She has no creations of her own, instead preferring to mettle in other's affairs. She molded the Feyldra into weapons and corrupted several dragons. The corruption of dragons led to civil war and their eventual extinction.