Races of Valandria

The Free Cities

The Free Cities are the alliance of races created by the Gods Above. Some of the first races on the continent, they have thrived under the resource abundant western world, developing city-states and nations. However, this abundance has led to arrogance among the races, resulting in in-fighting and mistrust between many of the members. Only their eternal struggle with the Resolute has maintained their alliance. The Free Cities consist of the humans, the Landrian Elves, the Mountain Dwarves, the Wispians, the Godborn, and the Gnomes.


Primary Homeland: Eastwood


The humans were created after the elves and dwarves but are the most numerous people in the Free Cities. They are some of the wealthiest members of society, developing fast trade routes from the Khalindor desert, to the western sea. Their primary kingdom is that of Dustwind, filled with nobles and lords all ruled by the Anduin’s heirs in the capital of Eastwood. 

The Resolute

When Aelandria created the elves, Darthos responded with a breed of his own. Soon, every creation of the Gods Above was met by a creation of the Gods Below. These new races centered their society around strict order and strength, echoing the ideals of their creators. However, they were left with the barren lands of the east, forced to fend for themselves in rugged deserts, steppes, and wastelands. They seek war against the Free Cities, in hopes of claiming the continent and all the riches it has to offer for themselves. These races consist of the orcs, Uth’Gari trolls, the Revenants, the Nightwalkers, and the Dragonians. 

Darthian Elves

Home City: Forgotten City 

Apart from their dark skin tones, the Darthian elves resemble their counterpart Leerian Elves in every way. With a natural affinity to magic and speed, they are key warriors and magicians in the Resolutes military. However, early struggles placed upon them by Aelandria milenia before forced them to fend for themselves in the wastelands. Their home is an underground city of power, who’s name was lost during the God’s great departure.