The Demon of Winhelm

By: Daniel Madden 


Marked by a god. Possessed by a demon.

Daelin lived his entire life in the confines of a small church in the little village of Windhelm, lost in dreams of one day becoming a paladin. Yet when the paladins come calling, a darkness is revealed, releasing terror and tragedy upon the plains. In an instant, Daelin himself no longer a simple church boy, but the most feared name throughout the Storm Plains…

Dive into the debut novel, the Demon of Windhelm, and lose yourself in adventure and magic readers of fantasy new and old are sure to enjoy!

The Half-Orc

By: Daniel Madden 


Thalandor is a city of wealth and power, a gem of gold in the otherwise desolate desert. Yet not all who live in this great city share in its prosperity. 

On the outskirts lay the Hovels, home to refuges of war and victims of tragedy. It is here that Doratin was born. Life is tough in the Hovels, yet he manages to survive under the watch and love of his mother. However, with orc blood rushing through his veins, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes... 

The Half-Orc is a fantasy novel detailing the tragic life of Doratin as he faces loss, triumph, and conflict in hopes of finding what we all desire: home. 

Short Stories


By: Dan Madden 

The queen is ill, comatose and surrounded by a black energy unknown to the Darthian Elves. Compounding this tragedy, demons from another realm are on the march, threatening to destroy the city. In a last act of desperation, Theyrian leads a quest to find the famed blade of legend: Sarielle. Yet the blade comes at great cost, a test the elves may be unequipped to pass... 

The Lost Ranger: Part 1

By: L. M. Rising

Mythia has known a simple life with her ma and pa, learning magic and wonder in the peace of the Living Woods. However, when a routine hunt is interupted by an unexpected guest, everything Mythia thought she knew about life is thrown into question. The world may be bigger than it seems... 


By: Dan Madden 

Among the Frostfang Orcs, there is no greater celebration than that of the birth of child. The clan gathers together for a grand feast, welcoming in the newest member of their family. But today is no ordinary birth, for it is the birth of the chief's very first child. Such special circumstances require special traditions: the tradition of Orc'Takai! 

Valandria Legends: Fall of King Anduin

By: Dan Madden 

In a time long ago, war between the new kingdom of humans and the orcs chiefs raged on for decades. After such bloodshed, the human king, Anduin Reignlyn, takes matters into his own hands and calls for a peace. But not all are satisfied with such demands, many wishing to continue the fight to its bitter end. As Anduin will soon find out, one's past does not determine the future. One cannot always outrun destiny. 

The Queen's Daughter

By: Dan Madden 

Avara has never found life on the ocean waters to be her calling. Despite her love of the sea and the sun on her skin, she longs to see more of the world. Adventure is calling, if only she had the opportunity to go and seize it... 

A New Assignment 

By: Dan Madden 

Khasmius is a Feyldra tasked with the crucial task of transporting lost souls to undergo their final transformation into Revenants. However, centuries of the same job in an immortal life can be monotonous. 

Finally, his luck may be turning around as the Magistrate, head of Black Deep, offers him a choice, one that will finally free him from his drab life. 

Poems and Songs

Valandria Legends: The Hero in Silver
By: Daniel Madden 

Elysaer has watched with great interest as an army of humans gathered along the plains. A race once insignificant to the continent seemed ready to step into a new kingdom of glory and power. But when an army of demons approaches, the humans are faced with imminent doom. She is forced to make a decision: remain a peaceful observer, or enter a war that is not hers to begin with...


By: Dan Madden 

Among the mighty Uth'Gaari trolls, there is a poem that tells of a grand battle. It is a simple poem about the legendary leader, R'ath Gar, and his quest to reach the top of the mountains. However, atop that mountain lays in waiting a deadly foe...