The World of Valandria

Valandria is a world of fantasy, dominated by two warring factions of gods and their creations! Dive into this new world, divided by the Free Cities and Resolute. Learn more about the regions of the world below! 

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Regions of Valandria

Darthia Dales

Made up mostly of swamp, the ground was not fit for civilization to develop. However, on the mountain coast, the Resolute created the mountain city of Black Deep. The region was named after the god below, Darthian. 

Dragon's Fall

Dragon's are believed to be extinct, the final one falling in years beyond the knowledge of any mortal. Where once a great dragon empire stood, there is now lava and decay. No living soul has stepped onto the ancient island for many years. 

Fenris Swamp

The Frenris Swamp is deceptively treacherous, filled with dark creatures, poisonous plants, and enormous sink holes. Huntstown, once a human colony, has since joined the Resolute under the leadership of a race known as the Nightwalkers

God's Isle

When the god's left the world of Valandria, they left behind a final gift to aid the life they created. The Gods Above left behind Godborn, immortal warriors sent to protect the Free Cities, making their home of Aldria on the hidden island. Not to be outdone, the god's below left behind the Feyldra, with the sole purpose of destroying the Godborn. They too claimed the isle, forming the city of Aragoss. 

Kaldiron Desert

Sand and dry heat cover the land. Despite the brutal weather, diverse delicacies of animal and plant grow, as well as the Sandri Spider, famous for its fine silks. With such wealth to be had, Thalindor arose as the richest city-state in the Free Cities, run by the Council of Six, an unknown group of the wealthiest merchants. 

Lumarian Forest

The Lumarian Forest consists of thick growth that appears as a wall of green from the shore lines. In this deep forest, the elves thrive under the leadership of the city of Leeria and its royal family. 

Pirate's Foot

Where civilization prospers, thieves and pirates will always follow. The Pirate's Foot is so named for the republic of pirates that claimed the land as their own. Made up of members of the Free Cities and Resolute, they do not discriminate their spoils. Their sea empire operates from the Floating City in the well-protected bay. 

Southern Rest

Just below the Pirate's Foot lays a region rumored to be guarded by an ancient being, nearly as old as the Gods themselves. In this region, the Order of Solitude has built the great city of Valos, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom. This city and its ancient order consist of only women, recruited from various reaches of the Free Cities. 

Untamed Tundra

While the mortal races have claimed much of the continent, the beasts and hazardous storms have left this region untouched by civilization. Mountains surround the eastern, western, and southern borders, with ice protecting the north. Legends speak of several magical creatures that still inhabit this land, though no one has ever survived adventures to verify the stories. 


No region in the world has been devastated more than the center of Valandria. Once a forest, the land is now rock and dirt, rotted away by blood and death. Neither the Resolute nor Free Cities have managed to spread to the region, outside of various military campaigns. The region lost its ancient name, now known only as the Warfront. 

Desolate Lands

An permanent, impenetrable cloud of dust hangs over the rocky terrain, void of all life. Here, the Resolute created a series of hidden war camps to train their elite warriors for the fight against the Free Cities. 

Dustwind Forest

The Dustwind Forest is the homeland of the human kingdom, centered around the capital of Eastwood. Castles and fortresses stand throughout the land, with townships and trade posts developing around these territories. Along the mountains that make up the eastern border lays the dwarven kingdom. They run passes and mines throughout the mountain range, with their capital being the Baldrak Mines

Frostfang Forest

Though not the coldest place on the continent, it receives more snowfall than most of the world. The harsh winters and fierce storms hardened the orcs who live there, claiming an abandoned lair of a frost dragon as their home, a cave now known as the Frostfang Caverns

Great White Plains

The plains are nearly desert, a wasteland of ice and snow. However, the white pond attracted a village, developed around what was originally a fishing outpost for the rare Silver-Belly Snapper native to the frozen waters. Gnomes, outlaws, and other characters claim the land as home, though much of the northern expanse lays unclaimed. 

Living Woods

The concentration of magic is strongest in the Living Woods, a forest of brightly colored trees and rare creatures. The Wispians claim the magical forest as their home, hidden away in their city of Mystwood. While the rest of Valandria has seen constant conflict, the woods have managed to keep to themselves, thriving in their peaceful disposition. 

Morani Tundra

The land consists of a light frost over pine trees and gentle winter beasts. The land is run by the Resolute, with the orcs and trolls forming several war-outposts to keep the inhabitants of the Storm Plains in check. 


The land consists of rocky plateaus and blazing suns. Diversity of wildlife is slim, as few creatures are able to survive in the arid land. However, the dragonians thrive under the power of the sun, developing a legendary military power under the discipline established by their home, Kharomak

Storm Plains

The plains are aptly named for the deadly storms of purple lightning and torrential rains that have been known to last weeks. Any life left without protection will be vaporized by the strange storms. However, civilization has managed to exist here in pockets of farming villages that have taken advantage of the lush soil. Most notably, the city of Elysium lays in the Storm Plains, the home of the church and all magic within the Free Citites. 

Uth'Gaari Mountains

Uth'Gaari Mountains dominate the northeast of Valandria with the highest peaks on the continent. The land is cold, but holds many wild plants and animals adapted to thrive in the cold. The region is named after the Uth'Gaari trolls who call the place home. Their main city, R'ath Gar, holds the greatest concentration of divine magic in the entire continent, 


While Shtantack has little wildlife, the Wastelands are inhabited by deadly beasts that have outgrown all other life on the continent. Deep underground, the Darthian Elves found a way to survive, building the Forgotten City, so named for the history that no one seems able to recollect.